Find yourself and learn how to solve the
   problems you create by being yourself.

Successful People Know Who They Are!

Leaders and leadership theorists universally agree that knowing yourself is a crucial element in an executive's ability to lead effectively.

Drawing upon his thirty years of executive coaching and research, Dr. Tommy Thomas can now take you on your personal journey to find yourself in a one-hour, online, completely private, and highly focused 'Find Yourself Coaching Session.' Maximize your success: Find yourself!'

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Opposite Strengths and Famous People

Scroll down to see U. S. Presidents who reflect the characteristics of each of our eight natural patterns of strengths.

Pattern I: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Good listener — maintains stability — methodical, stable, respectful, consistent.

Pattern II: Harry S. Truman

Objective thinker — uses common sense — analytical, strong-willed, realistic, self-reliant.

Pattern III: Woodrow Wilson

Fundamental philosopher — synthesizes information — sensitive, scholarly, idealistic, mild-mannered.

Pattern IV: John F. Kennedy

Intuitive thinker — concentrates on one thing at a time — independent, insightful, precise, intense.

Pattern V: Jimmy Carter

Helpful coordinator — facilitates communication — likable, generous, inclusive, adaptable.

Pattern VI: Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt

Sensitive relator— gives to others — open, humorous, expressive, affectionate.

Pattern VII: Lyndon B. Johnson

Energetic accomplisher — drives hard to achieve goals — energetic, ambitious, forceful, action-oriented.

Pattern VIII: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dynamic visionary — stimulates change — eloquent, innovative, charismatic, impelling.